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The Keith Suite

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The modern, open and bright feeling of the Keith Suite is perfect for your next lively get together. In honor of our dad, this well-appointed suite includes a sophisticated nod to the rich history of Joplin with beautiful portraits hidden like gems in the beautiful new decor.

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The Dollie Suite

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This artistic and eclectic suite can be as high end as your posh event or as casual as needed with total elegance. With architectural features and a a pop of color, this venue is welcoming, calming and warm.

80 person capacity

Please note: These two suites are adjoining and can be opened up for a larger event for over 200 people.

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The Uncorked Suite

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If you’re looking for something truly unique, this suite delivers a sophisticated yet casual style. With a nautical theme and wine barrel custom pieces, the result is an old world feel in an intimate setting. Whether you host a wine tasting, casual dinner or special celebration, your guests will appreciate this unique setting. This suite includes the optional use of the covered front patio with outdoor fire pit and contemporary design.

25 person capacity

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