Tired of boring office Christmas parties?
Completely over the ugly sweater idea?

Here are some fun ideas you can do to spice things up this year:
– Streak just as JINGLE BELLS is blaring from the cheap iPhone speakers someone thought would pass for “entertainment”
– Spike the EggNog with Ex-lax
– Present your boss with a list of what you really want for Christmas
– Exchange the decorative soaps in the bathroom out with those frilly matching desserts

You shouldn’t do any of these, but we feel your pain. Office Christmas parties can be boring and you feel like it is FORCING you to inappropriate behavior! That’s why we’ve created this amazing guide that will give you a party to look forward to and make you the office hero.

But you’d better hurry and reserve your date, because you are seriously cutting this planning thing close.


Click here for the free guide!

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