Have you noticed how people can try to make wine very complicated? It’s is one of our pet-peeves! Wine was made for pure enjoyment and nothing makes the enjoyment-meter go down more than being around pretentious snobs. But everyone DOES want to enjoy themselves and some of our great customers are often just confused about conflicting information they’ve heard about wine varietals and wine pairing. Just when you think there are hard, fast rules (white wine with fish), there is an exception to the rule (a robust red with hearty fish stew)!

Your enjoyment of wine is increased with your knowledge of wine. So, we created an amazing FREE GUIDE called 1201’s Delicious and Understandable Guide to Wine Pairing. We hope it brings you a lot of joy in the next year as you gain confidence to order and buy wine you know you’ll love!


Have fun and enjoy your new-found confidence with wine pairings!

Don’t forget we have Wine Dinners right here @1201. We handle the dinner and our sommelier pairs some amazing wines. Reservations can be made by calling 417.626.0032 and this experience is only $75 per person. Check out our calendar for these upcoming events.

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