You now have less than two weeks to truly impress the one you love. Don’t screw it up.

For most, especially men, Valentine’s Day can feel a bit like your plans are being judged against every other Valentine’s Day she has had. The pressure to deliver an amazing day can overwhelm even the most hopeless romantic. We want to take some of the pressure off of you with a few helpful tips that will be sure rank this year at the top of her list.

Plan Ahead

The worst thing you could do is make her think you have not been planning this day for the past six months. You will be in less trouble if everything you plan completely bombs than you will be if you plan nothing at all. DO NOT wait till the last minute, she will know. If you haven’t thought about it yet then as soon as you are done reading you need to get to it.

Girls Want to be Wooed

Mix it up. Instead of dinner and a movie try something out of the ordinary. Rent a convertible and go for drive through the country and end it with a picnic. What about doing something she has always wanted to do, like signing up for salsa dance lessons.

Do Dinner

Don’t make dinner plans, make amazing dinner plans. Take her somewhere she would never thin you would take her. This is not the night to be cheap. It’s not about the money you spend, it’s about the willingness to show her that she is worth it. Find a restaurant that has a special Valentine’s Day menu planned, like Club 1201. This will show her you put some thought into the evening.

Last But Not Least

If you follow this last piece of advice your night should go done in the books as one of her favorites. Who knows, you may get even get lucky. So here it is. Whatever you do, make the entire even about her. You won’t regret it. She will forget that your plans may have been an epic fail. As long as she is the focus nothing else will matter.

We leave you with the words of Thomas Merton. “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”


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