Lunch is one of the leading meals in dozens of countries around the world and for many holds a place of cultural importance alongside that of nutrition. While those of us in 9-5 environments may not place the same type of significance on the lunch hour as those in more leisure-focused cultures, it still has a valid place in our lives and should be valued for both its mental and physical benefits.

Health Benefits

While many look at lunch as a free hour in which they aren’t required to do work, there are many real health benefits to making lunch a regular part of your day. Taking a break in the middle of the day gives your body a needed break from the grinding pressures of daily life. It helps you to re-energize your body and boosts your metabolism while raising blood sugar levels in order to improve focus and concentration. Even a small, quick lunch can do wonders for those who may be feeling sluggish giving you the boost necessary with which to finish the day.

Many mistakenly put off taking a lunch, in the name of fitness. While you may consider skipping lunch in order to lose weight or cut calories, but this strategy is mostly ineffective and can lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. This is partly due to the fact that skipping lunch can cause an increased appetite causing you to overeat later or choose foods that are counter-productive to your overall health and weight loss goals. Its much better to eat throughout the day so as to maintain energy while making good nutritional choices that help to further your fitness goals, while staving off hunger throughout the day.

Taking lunch can also have positive effects on your mental health as it allows you an opportunity to decompress from the various issues that creep up throughout the day. This allows your mind the chance to rest and recharge before returning to the stress that may accompany your work environment. You’ll notice a difference in focus and clarity as you conquer the remaining tasks for each day.

Social Benefits

Lunch can also provide an excellent opportunity to catch up with an old friend or to cultivate a relationship with a new or prospective client. It gives each participant the opportunity for discussion outside the office, providing a neutral venue for each person to express themselves. The foundation for many business deals throughout the ages has been laid throughout the course of a mid-day lunch.


While we often resort to drive-thru restaurants that cater to our fast-paced lifestyle, consider dining in at restaurants which have more options for those who may be seeking a healthy alternative.  Lunch doesn’t have to be detrimental to your well-being and just a few carefully considered choices can go a long way towards refueling your body while building your mind. Meals consisting of complex carbohydrates and lean proteins can give you a focused, dependable source of energy with which to complete your day.

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