Summer is one of our favorite times to host a dinner party with friends. This festive time of year is great for a unique dinner party that can create some summer magic. For a tried and true dinner party guide, read on.

Plan The Menu Around Your Guests Favorite Dishes

Choose one must-have item, and then build the menu from there. A scrumptious bruschetta with toast points, crab cakes with chipotle mayo, or seared ahi tuna with wasabi soy may very well be the star of the show, and then plan the rest of your courses around the appetizer you choose.

Pick Summer-Friendly Food

Now isn’t the time for piping-hot soups and stews. Foods that aren’t hot are often welcome. Picking dishes that use handpicked, fresh product are perfect for this season.

If you are serving a vegetable-loving crowd, choose nice salads, like our mixed green salad with apples, bleu cheese, pecans, blackened grilled chicken with balsamic vinaigrette.

If you are hosting a crowd of meat eaters, perhaps a panko breaded chicken sandwich or Hawaiian burger is the way to go.

Pick Some Awesome Tunes

No matter what kind of music you choose, we’ve learned it’s best to turn the volume up a few notches when entertaining. It gets people talking a little louder, and overall creates a more lively atmosphere.

Music really does create the mood, so choose wisely. Classical music softly playing in the background may create an intimate, quiet atmosphere, where music playing loudly shows that guests are already having a good time.

Use a music app like Pandora or Spotify to create the perfect music list for the occasion. You can plug in your phone, iPod, or computer to outdoor speakers to enhance the atmosphere.

Hopefully these few ideas help get you thinking about how you will throw your next dinner party or event. If you are interested in hosting your party in one of our three private suites, or if you would like us to cater your event, please call us at (417) 626-0032.

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