Your stemware choice matters. Some wine glasses enhance the taste better than others. And some are used for red wines while others are used for whites.

We recommend fine, crystal glasses with a fairly large bowl.

The finer the crystal, the thinner the glass. The thinner the glass, the better tasting experience you’ll have. Not only does it just taste better, but the crystal glass refracts light better than regular glass, making it easier to view the legs of the wine. Crystal glass makes it easier to swirl the wine too, enhancing the aromas.

The bowl of the glass should be teardrop-shaped—large at the bottom, and smaller at the rim. This shape allows the wine’s aroma to circulate properly as well as allowing your nose to really get inside the glass. Smell is such an important asset to wine tasting. Having a wine glass that encloses around your nose enhances the taste and overall experience of drinking wine.

The overall size of the glass depends on the wine you’re drinking. Remember, you’re still going for that perfect shape—larger at the bottom, smaller at the top. But as far as size goes, smaller glasses are used for white wines since they need to be kept chilled and usually have softer aromas. Larger glasses are used for red wines to let them air and open up. The large glass also allows for the red wines to stay at room temperature.

We recommend Riedel wine glasses. Schott Zwiesel glasses are also great. A Cabernet Sauvignon glass is good for most reds. The Sauvignon Blanc glass works for most whites.

Whether you go with or without the stem is your personal preference and should fit the occasion. Stemless wine glasses (tumblers) are great for casual, intimate occasions. Of course, you’ll want glasses with the stems if you’re going for a more traditional setting.

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