After a long week of work, family, and obligations, you need a night to relax and unwind with your best squad of girls, who, thankfully, also do not care if your house is in showroom condition. Pick a theme, order some excellent grub, and enjoy the best ever girls’ night IN.


1. Run a Marathon (wait…hear us out first)

With the help of your personal trainer, Netflix, you and your girls can run a marathon — of your favorite reality TV or series — in your own home. Choose a guilty pleasure like the Kardashians, get caught up on the season of the Bachelorette everyone missed, or gain culinary inspiration with Top Chef.

2. Naked Lady Party

Rather than X-rated, think white elephant gift. Have your girlfriends come wearing one or more items that they would love to give away. Mix and match outfits until everyone has something they love, accessories included. For a complete makeover, purchase some new eyeliners and shadows and take turns trying out a smoky eye to go with the new look.

3. Game Night

Modern board games are anything but boring. A game night does not have to be an endless round of Monopoly or Pictionary. Host an evening to let your wild side come out with Cards Against Humanity, or confess your sins with Never Have I Ever: The Game of Poor Life Decisions. A new game just might become an old favorite.

5. Pinterest Pajama Party

Thinks arts and crafts meets old-fashioned slumber party. Hit the craft store with your mobile Pinterest app in hand to pick up some artsy supplies and a big vinyl table cloth. When you get home, put on your favorite jammies, spread the supplies over the new table cloth, and pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine as you get your Picasso on with the girls. The best part is that no one is driving home, so everyone can imbibe as much as they like without worry.

6. Wine Tasting Night

Need something a little more high-brow? Just remember that with your own wine tasting you can still host it all in your jammies! Your girlfriends will love tasting more than one wine and they’ll love the chance to learn a little something new. We’ve made it easy for you. Just download our FREE GUIDE to wine pairing here before you head out to the store!

Be Sure to Invite Club 1201 to the Party

Truthfully, Club 1201 is the best party guest in town. We always bring the best food and we never get sloppy and break your crystal wine glasses. Our catering menu provides many choices of excellent party food, which takes the hassle out of hosting, and allows you to focus on fun and friendship. Give us a call at 417-626-0032 to discuss your party ideas and how we can help. Download our menu here.

What ever you do – have fun!

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