​Not many of us enjoy a well-appointed cellar, but many have procured a bottle so special the instant quandary starts about when to keep it and when to drink it. Somewhere in between “keeping it for a special occasion” and “live like you were dying” is the right time.

The standard in wine collecting and cellaring used to be, “keep it as long as you possibly can.” Many wines these days are simply not made for cellaring – So many are made to be perfectly drinkable upon purchase. Some of this stems from climate change in some of the most classic big red wine regions throughout Europe and some has to do with better technology for blending, bottling and delivery.

You may get the rare opportunity to taste a truly old vintage from the 1960s, or 1970s, but you may find you like your more modern, youthful wines better. So, take a look at your stock and open those 10-year old big red Italian bottles and live a little! Just be sure to invite some friends first because all wines taste better with friends.

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