Work is driving you crazy.

The kids are driving you crazy.

You love your job and you love your kids but sometimes there are so many distractions making each day a challenge just to keep your life in order. You know you’re married to this great guy — after all, there are hot, romantic wedding pictures on the bedroom wall — but you never see him anymore! He’s working, you’re working, the kids need this and that and so, there is just no time for … wait a minute, yes there is. But you’ve got to create that moment and make it a priority.

Everybody wants a piece of you and yes, there are obligations you have to meet. However, family aside, your wonderful, loving spouse is (or should be) the most important part of your life! He’s the guy who works hard, takes out the trash, cleans up the litter box and puts gasoline in the car’s tank when it’s below freezing outside. He deserves some attention and you are in love — why not show it? If you let the outside world control you, there will never be a “good time” to do anything. Feed your relationship; it’s up to you. Now, we’ve got that settled so, what to do?

RIGHT NOW the moment is all about you and the amazing guy who loves you. Choose a day, decide on an event or location and find a babysitter, if need be. Then, send a formal, romantic invitation to your spouse; it can be a perfume-scented hand-written note or something a bit more provocative. Use your imagination and don’t forget to include the reply envelope!

Be sure to call us at 1201 and make the reservation. We’ll make it special whether your coming to a Wine Dinner, Uncorked or just coming on your own special day! Check out our calendar if you want to know what is going on with us, but don’t delay! Our menu has something for everyone. Call us at 417-626-0032 and we’ll see you and your honey soon!

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