It’s time to plan, ladies! You’ve been working hard all week and haven’t been able to spend any quality time with your friends. Friday night is getting close and you want to choose the perfect dinner and happy hour to make your night extra special. Here is a step-by-step guide to making this night memorable for you and your crew.

1. Choose Your Partners In Crime.

The first step to planning this Friday night extravaganza is choosing who you want to spend it with. Call up three or four of your closest gals and tell them to leave Friday night open in their schedules. You are welcome to invite as many friends as you would like but to really maximize your time and money, fewer people are recommended.

2. Look For Fun Events Happening In Your Town.

Often times, there will be live music or events happening in downtown areas of the city. Look for those free, fun events happening and plan to attend them with your friends. Visit an art gallery, participate in the sidewalk concerts, or take your friends to the fall festivals if there are any going on the weekend of your outing.

One event that occurs every Friday night in Joplin MO. is karaoke. This is a great way to let loose, have some fun, and celebrate the weekend with your friends.

3. Get Pampered.

It’s time to get ready for your night out. Finding something cute to wear can sometimes be difficult on the spot, so plan ahead for this event! You can never go wrong with a cute pair of jeans, a nice shirt, some black boots, and a hat on top to complete the outfit. You may also consider scheduling time for you all to get ready together. This can be an extra special time pampering each other and visiting with one another while you get ready for your evening out on the town.

4. Choosing A Restaurant & Happy Hour That Fits The Occasion.

Now that you have your crew, you’re all dressed up, and you know what events you want to try to attend, it’s time to choose your restaurant. Keep in mind, the dinner that you choose should also include a Happy Hour. This is definitely a key to your special night out.

In Joplin MO, we recommend making reservations at Club 1201. You’ll get the best of both worlds; great food and a delicious drink menu. If you’re looking for Joplin’s best restaurant – a truly unique brunch, lunch, & dinner experience – then we welcome you to join us at Club 1201 in Joplin MO. Whether you’re a regular or whether you’ve never been in before, you can enjoy your meal with your friends and feel like family. Come celebrate girls’ night with us!

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