You know that power couple? There’s at least one in your circle. We’re talking about that couple who has a fairy-tale romance. Both people compliment each other so well, influencing those around them with their charisma, independence and overall optimism.

Here’s the deal: Power couples don’t settle for the boring “dinner and a movie” date. It’s like the Moscow Mule of dates—it’s been done to death.

Speaking of Moscow Mules, here are 6 sophisticated cocktails to replace them!

There are three times the “dinner and a movie” date is acceptable:

1. If you’re in the age range of 14-18.

2. If you’re hitting up an independent movie theatre or a local film festival before going out to dinner at a restaurant that serves up local ingredients. Watching indie films that provoke discussion and supporting the local agriculture movement . . . It’s a date that you can feel good about!

3. If you’re gourmet cook, creating a culinary masterpiece for your partner, and you plan on watching and discussing some sort of artsy-fartsy film. French accent appreciated when cooking, but not required.

Otherwise, just don’t do it—don’t go down that road. Go to a movie and do dinner, but please, don’t call it a date.

So now that we’ve established what not to do, let’s talk about what to do.

7 Dates for the Power Couple

Dessert and Stargazing

Grab a thermos of coffee, some dessert to go, a warm blanket and drive to a secluded location to do some “stargazing.” After all, the stars are supposed to determine love compatibility, right? To make finding constellations a little easier, download a cool stargazing app. Our favorites are Sky Guide, Night Sky and SkyView.


Power couples care about their community—they’re just naturally giving people. Volunteering is a great way to spend time together, show some gratitude, and help the community. Need some ideas?

Work with your conservation organization to see how you can help preserve your local wildlife. Help harvest the food of an urban farm. Enroll to be a big sibling through Big Brother, Big Sister. Take a shelter dog on a walk. Help out at a food bank or pack snack bags for a local school. Raise funds for One Girl, an organization that provides schooling to African girls. Spend some time sprucing up your local Ronald McDonald House.

Make a Short Film

Write a script and grab your iPhone. From a Bigfoot mockumentary to a romantic silent film, your options are pretty limitless. Need some inspiration? Here’s a few short films shot exclusively on the iPhone.

Romance in NY: A perspective of a couple taking you on a journey through their life enjoying the everyday of NYC. They capture the tiny nuances that are romance, even in the most mundane situations. 

Fall: This film depicts the the natural beauty of the season.

Framed: A photographer walks around the woods to take some pictures, when something unexpected happens.

Balloon: A coming of age story about a girl who wants to “fly” like a balloon.

Bike and Brunch

Power couples are generally pretty active, and they like to be active together. Grab your bikes (or rent a tandem) and go on a Sunday morning ride. Whether it’s a relaxing stroll through manicured parks with a cruiser or an intense workout through the forest on your mountain bikes, pedaling it out can be a fun way to spend few hours. After your ride, grab some much deserved Eggs Benedict and indulge in our Bloody Mary bar. We’re open for brunch every Sunday from 9am-2pm. Check out our menu!

Not into biking? Go rock climbing, running or hiking instead. Play a game of tennis with another couple. The point is to do something active together, getting some fresh air, before stuffing your face with yummy brunch food.

Escape a Room

What better way to find out if you’re soul mates than being trapped in a room for 60 minutes under extreme pressure? For you gamers, self-proclaimed detectives and adrenaline junkies—the escape room might just be the date you’re looking for.

Partner Yoga and Thai Massage

Get in tune with your body. Partner yoga (more commonly known as acroyoga in big cities) combines yoga and acrobatics into a practice for couples looking to improve flexibility, strength and focus. Thai Yoga Massage combines yoga and massage to create something yoga enthusiasts like to call “lazy man’s yoga.” The giver manipulates their partners body (who is lying on a padded mat) into postures, stretching and relaxing muscles. This full-body, partner practice also uses muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure. Trust, communication and overall openness is key for both experiences—perfect for the power couple. Check out your local yoga studio for upcoming couples events.

Day Trip Tastings

Wine tasting, beer tasting, spirit tasting . . . Apple tasting? But really, how many of you have tried every single type of apple in the grocery store, rating them on smell, texture, acidity and sweetness. You should try it, seriously!

Tastings make for great dates! They’re usually nestled in beautiful scenery or some really cool, historic architecture—both great settings for an intimate kiss.

For a quick how-to on wine tasting check out our blog “Wine Tasting: The One Time Spitting Wine is Appropriate.”

Need some ideas of places to go? Check out our blog “Day Tripping: Local Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries to Try.”

There you go: 7 dates for the power couple! Which one will you try first?

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