Dinner parties are categorized into two groups—the one’s you actually want to attend and the ones you don’t. Most fall under that second group. Here are five dinner parties that are actually enjoyable!

1. House Concert

If you enjoy music in a quiet, intimate setting, house concerts might be for you! Surrounded by good friends, there’s something pretty special about a concert in your home. Instead of chatting in a crowded a bar or restaurant, everyone is focused on listening to the music!

The host invites guests into their home, usually providing dinner and beverage in between sets, and everyone sits quietly, listening to the live music. Some hosts prefer to make it a BYOB and potluck style event. Most house concerts “recommend a donation.” Not only does it reserve your seat, but it pays the musician(s). The standard donation is $20 per guest (and a nice bottle of wine to share with everyone). These parties are actually really great for introverts, since conversing is very limited. Most of these parties are open to mature adults only. In other words, you definitely won’t run into students drinking Redbull-Vodka or any screaming kids.

Here’s some local musicians that regularly play house concerts in the area:

Barak Hill (pictured in graphic), The Hurricanes, Dallas Jones, Kevin Cott, Molly Healey, Dana Louise & the Glorious Birds, and Elliot Road.

Here’s some local house concert series:

Olive Street House Concerts, The Coda Concert House, Drury Lane House Concerts, and The Rock House.

2. Team Cook-Off

If you like cooking, and enjoy a heated challenge, you might have fun at a dinner party that’s Top Chef inspired. Depending on if the host has a big enough kitchen, guests can either cook together or cook in their own kitchens, bringing their masterpiece to the host’s home at the end. Write down several random ingredients and put them into a bowl. Each team picks 2-3 ingredients they have to use. Set a timer for 15 minutes at the supermarket to gather the designated ingredients and anything else you’ll need to make your dish. When the timer goes off everyone has to be at the checkout line. Once you’re home, set the timer for 45 minutes and start cooking! Determine a rating system. Bonus points are awarded if the team correctly pairs there dish with a bottle of wine.

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3. Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinners are dinners where you share the responsibility of hosting. Each household is responsible for hosting one course of the meal. As a group you travel to each house, so make sure you have that Uber app downloaded or designated driver for the night. This is a great way to showcase each person’s home decor, hospitality and culinary efforts.

4. Farm-to-Table Dinner

These dinners are truly intimate. When you get to sit down and eat next to both the farmer who grew the ingredients and the chef who cooked the food, you realize how a meal is supposed to be eaten—with awareness. Farm-to-Table dinners are the epitome of the term “feel good”—you’re surrounded by great people, who all love eating fresh, healthy foods while advocating the local agricultural movement.

5. Wine Dinner

If you like extravagant dinner parties that expand your palette, this one is for you! Each month we host a themed six-course dinner, usually consisting of the amuse bouche, appetizer, soup, salad, main course and dessert. A wine is paired with each course (the amuse bouche and appetizer courses share the same wine).  Our themes range from well-known tv shows to historical cultures and world regions.

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