There’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is you’re invited to a dinner party. The bad news is you have no idea what wine to bring mostly because you don’t know what’s for dinner! It’s never good to show up empty handed, but is your last epic fail showing up with a chianti when salmon arrived on the table still fresh in your mind? Have no fear! We’re here to make you the dinner party hero with 3 kinds of wine that are tremendously versatile and real crowd pleasers – no matter what’s on the menu! Because we’re in Joplin, we’ve even taken the pains to give examples of bottles you can actually BUY here. See how nice we are?

Dry wines with a higher acidity like Pinot Gris from Oregon or Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand always refresh your palate and pair just as well with heavy sauces as with fresh and light fish. This kind of refreshing approach is also kind to your host or hostess because it allows the food to sing and the wine to be the equalizer and not the star.
Our favorites include Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, Duck Pond Pinot Gris and King Estate Pinot Gris.

Already confused and need some help? Get our guide and let us break this down in normal people language with our award-winning wine pairing guide.

Bubbles can really get you out of a jam. They are perfect for a toast, they pair well with almost any appetizer and in general, they just make the night more special. Just be sure if you go this route that you have your wine fully chilled before the event, otherwise there really is no point. Many might think of Champagne right off the bat, but true Champagne is costly and there are so many other options equally good and easier on the pocketbook!
Our favorites include any “brut” style sparkling wine, but especially Roederer Estate, California or Santa Margharita Prosecco.

Some people have definite opinions about pairing red wines properly. One trick to stay out of a real “disaster” like showing up with a heavy, Cabernet Sauvignon when a light Mahi Mahi is going to be served is to just think light. Try to stay toward the middle of the red spectrum. Pinot Noirs work great, but blends can also be incredibly versatile.
Our favorites include Apothic Red and Nozzole Chiati Classico.

Did we say 3 suggestions? How about a bonus? If you know others are brining wine for the actual meal consider brining a port for a tasty way to end the evening. No matter what the dessert, a port is great for those later evenings in the summer when it gets a bit chilly, and the last of the evening can be enjoyed outside. It also pairs beautifully with any chocolate or nutty flavors. If you party is very oh-la-la and the dessert includes cheese you really just knocked it out of the park! Congratulations, you.
Our favorites include Nieport Tawny and Graham’s Six Grapes.

Whatever you’re doing don’t get intimidated by wine. We’ve created this amazing guide as part tutorial, part liberation manifesto. Don’t let people confuse you with their strong opinions or keep you from finding your favorites.


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