As a pharmaceutical sales rep, you understand that a single office call does not necessarily guarantee a face time with the practice’s decision makers. Rather than relying on a chance encounter in the hallway, make the most of your meeting with doctor and staff by hosting them at a relaxed luncheon or happy hour. When working with doctor’s offices, keep these tips in mind to provide a successful, hassle-free experience.

Work Within the Office’s Guidelines

The main focus of each and every one of the doctor’s offices you call on is to serve their patients and to do it well. As such, most offices have established guidelines for the many pharmaceutical sales reps that call on their staff. Plan your events to work within their guidelines, not against them which can breed animosity rather than friendly professional relationships. For offices that have strict guidelines against hosting luncheons on-site, treat them to an off-site Friday afternoon happy hour or an offsite luncheon that provides a relaxed escape from a busy work day.

Use a Reputable Catering Service

Once you secure approval from the office powers that be, make sure your use a catering service that has a reputation for excellence. For an on-site luncheon, you want to ensure that the food will be delicious, hot, and on time as well as arranging the details of set-up, serving, and clean-up in advance. Leave the details to the caterer and you can concentrate on increasing that all too valuable one on one time that is hard to come by in a single office call.

Use Opportunity to Foster Close Relationships with the Physician and Staff

The last thing you should be doing during the luncheon is running around to ensure everything is in place and that the food is ready. The office luncheon is a valuable opportunity for you to have face-to-face time with the doctors and staff. Do not squander it by attending to the details of food service.

How Can Club 1201 Help?

At Club 1201 we understand the unique demands put upon you as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Our delicious menu will make a favorable impression while our professional delivery and catering services ensure that your on-site events are hassle free and impactful. For off-site events, our Keith Suite and Dollie Suite offer an eclectic yet relaxing atmosphere. Whether serving platters of hot hors d’oeuvres like brie en croute or shrimp thermidor or a beautiful buffet featuring prime rib and stuffed salmon, your clients will remember the Club 1201 experience!

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